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3 11/10/2015

“Disingenuous denial” of medical research conflicts of interest

1 9/14/2015

Dr. Richard Lehman: Why does having abnormal glucose tests cost the USA $245bn?

1 6/2/2015

NEJM reignites conflict-of-interest debate with reader poll

6 5/14/2015

Criticism of NEJM’s defense of industry-physician relations

2 2/23/2015

Stealth Research & “may they know the exact content of their stools”


We should pay Richard Lehman tuition for the distance-learning he provides


Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Price, and Dr. Richard Lehman’s journal review blog


“Catastrophizing parlance” about diabetes

2 8/5/2014

The cost of cowboy doctors…debate over diet drugs…gems in JAMA Internal Medicine


Niacin news provides another example of how surrogate outcomes don’t tell whole story