Tag: JAMA Internal Medicine

1 1/17/2017

Conflicts of interest in medicine: pervasive, worrisome, and detrimental to healthcare

6 3/3/2015

A tale of two observational studies – peanuts, coffee, heart health – and how the journals & some journalists handled them differently


Sunday summary of other noteworthy health care news

4 11/12/2014

A 15-year retrospective on a shared decision-making encounter, a lawsuit, and not winning


L’Agenzia Italiana del Farmaco publishes nice plug for HealthNewsReview.org

2 8/5/2014

The cost of cowboy doctors…debate over diet drugs…gems in JAMA Internal Medicine


My “Guide to Reading Health Care News” in JAMA Internal Medicine


British journal blogs fire cross-Atlantic salvoes at JAMA, NEJM

2 3/19/2013

Maybe we should stop anchor chit-chat after TV health news stories: new example in mammography story


“The risk that press reports would fall into the trap of reporting this study as definitive”