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1 8/5/2015

Troubled BMJ news release on young fathers & early death risk

3 6/23/2015

Skinny jeans & nerve damage case studies have haunted me throughout my career


Continued problems with inconsistent & adjacent news releases from BMJ


BMJ back on bad track with its news releases: now gout & Alzheimer’s

6 3/3/2015

A tale of two observational studies – peanuts, coffee, heart health – and how the journals & some journalists handled them differently


Yay for a BMJ journal news release for including caveats about an observational study!

3 7/29/2014

6th time I’ve called out BMJ news releases on observational studies

7 6/11/2014

BMJ news release on red meat & breast cancer may have misled reporters again


Improving news releases by medical journals and academic medical centers

17 1/22/2014

Misleading BMJ news releases may be one reason journalists report on more observational studies