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1 1/25/2016

Top journal editors resist transparency


Former NEJM editors slam “backtrack” on conflict of interest

1 6/2/2015

NEJM reignites conflict-of-interest debate with reader poll

4 5/21/2015

Responding to parts 2-3 of New England Journal of Medicine’s series on pharma-MD relations

6 5/14/2015

Criticism of NEJM’s defense of industry-physician relations


We should pay Richard Lehman tuition for the distance-learning he provides

2 11/22/2013

Nuts and death – journal animated video explanation


British journal blogs fire cross-Atlantic salvoes at JAMA, NEJM

22 2/5/2013

Should We Trust the NEJM Obesity Mythbusters?


The list of potential conflicts of interest in authors of the NEJM obesity myths paper