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Gone fishin’ Friday: Summer health news clickbait makes us want to throw back our catch

1 7/15/2016

Things that are unlikely to kill you this summer, despite alarming news headlines

2 8/3/2015

Freeze Your Ass Off, Celebrity Style


The BMJ’s head-to-head debate on homeopathy


Problems behind chocolate study “fooling millions” run much deeper than just a prank/spoof/sting

1 5/26/2015

Don’t tell cat lovers that Fluffy may increase their glaucoma risk


“Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong About Everything?” out this week, yet USA Today calls her a guru

2 4/30/2015

Readers melt cryotherapy claims by ABC


Troubled Trifecta: Clearing up recent media misinformation on health/medicine/science


Unsupportable ‘cat therapy’ stories score high on cuteness but low on quality, even though many of us probably don’t care….(and have never heard of the word zoonoses)